The 5th of the 23 Words I Hung In The Trees

This poem is all about the process of expressive/free writing/stream of consciousness writing that I use in my workshops as the foundation for writing exercises.

It’s an ode to the bravery and courage of all who entrust themselves to the process of ‘adventuring into’ their thoughts and feelings through writing. And it’s about how we are all on this journey together and how the discoveries we make echo that of each other whilst also being unique and personal to each individual who comes to write around the table.

When a group has been writing together for awhile I have also found that an interesting pattern of echoes emerges in their writing from time to time. Some people have similar responses to a particular prompt or it takes them to very similar memories or issues. This leads to a response of recognition in each other and reinforces trust within the group. It is nourishing to be part of and one of my priviledges as a facilitator to witness.

It is also about the power of the acceptance of tears as a healthy response to joy and pain. Part of my work with every group is to help people unlearn the impulse to apologise for their tears within the safe environment of the group. To not be ashamed to cry when they become emotional because their writing has touched something that is difficult or painful or surprising. That tears are welcome and a healthy part of the process of learning to accept and grow as a result of these discoveries.

Image and poem Copyright Elaine Reid 2020

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