The International Academy of Poetry Therapy

Also known as iaPOETRY.  A credentialing organisation for the field of Poetry Therapy/Bibliotherapy.  These practices use literature – poetry, prose, fiction and non-fiction – to stimulate writing and other creative responses with a view to promoting self-expression, self-awareness and wellbeing.

The Woodend Barn’s Flourish Project

Based in the Wild Garden at The Barn, Banchory.  A year-round wellbeing project offering creative activities for all ages.


Lapidus is an organisation that promotes the benefits of creative writing as a route to wellbeing.


A website dedicated to providing people with more information about labyrinths. The word “Veriditas” means “the greening power of life”.


Open studios event in the North East of Scotland. Opening doors to creativity.

Pushing Out The Boat

North East Scotland’s Magazine of New Writing

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