School Workshops



Two classes from HOB visited the Wild Garden for four weekly workshops in May and June 2017: Class P5/6 with Mrs Cochrane and Mrs Fowler & Class P6 with Mrs Witt.

They were introduced to the technique of found poetry through the word installation which was used as a giant physical word search.  Given the freedom to explore and the tools to begin writing, one teacher commented:

They’ve written twice as much in half the time.”

The final group poems were written using seed sentences ‘planted’ to inspire the children to think about nature in ways they may not have before:

o   The wind wants…

o   The stones sing…

o   The trees tell… and so on.

In February 2017, artist Fenneke Wolters-Sinke visited the children (who were by then in P6 and P7) to facilitate the creation of multi-media illustrations to display alongside their group poems as shown in the photo below.

DSC_0389 - Copy (2)

“I liked how we were able to roam free in the garden and let our imagination go crazy!”

HOB pupil.



Two classes from Aboyne Primary School visited the Wild Garden in September 2017: P7 with Mrs Lobban and P7 with Mr Strachan.

They were also introduced to the Wild Garden using the installation as a word search and taught how to write found poems in response.  I then visited both classes at their school in November using their own garden there as the writing environment.

I introduced them to branch poems where the name of a plant, tree or flower is used as the root for inspiration and for form.  The chosen name is then placed in the middle of the poem and acts as the trunk for all the other words to ‘branch out’ from.

The children chose either their favourite found poem or their favourite branch poem to illustrate and contribute to the end of year exhibition.


“The children’s sense of wellbeing improved by having the opportunity to work with others, be outdoors, have fun and learn about the environment around them and being able to connect with it on a deeper level.”

 – Aboyne P7 Teacher