I am currently experimenting with oil paint and cold wax medium.  I also create black and white line-drawings, paper-cuts and artists’ books.  I have an on-going series of Erasure Poems which combines my love of poetry with my artwork.

Oil & Cold Wax Paintings

These paintings are from a project entitled, Love Letters From The Labyrinth. I laid a rope labyrinth in my back garden in September 2019 which I then covered with leaves from the surrounding trees as they fell. I walked this labyrinth often and wrote about it afterwards recording the thoughts and feelings I gathered from … Continue reading Oil & Cold Wax Paintings

Artists’ Books

I was introduced to the concept of ‘poem houses’ and the book as an art object by Edinburgh-based artist, Brigid Collins and was lucky enough to work with her one-on-one thanks to funding from Aberdeenshire Council and Creative Scotland via their VACMA award in 2017.  As a result, I am now further developing my poems … Continue reading Artists’ Books

Paper Cuts

I currently make pieces from 10 cm x 10 cm up to A1 sized window hangings (84 cm x 59.5 cm). They can be displayed/hung as they are or framed between two sheets of glass and hung like a picture on a wall.   They become even more interesting when a light is shone on … Continue reading Paper Cuts

Pen Drawings

I became interested in zendoodle after collaborating with artist, Mel Shand on a set of workshops for the Banchory River Festival in 2013.  This series of workshops entitled ‘Go With The Flow’ combined art and writing.  Mel participated when I facilitated the writing workshops, and I participated when Mel facilitated the art workshops.  Besides being a … Continue reading Pen Drawings