The 4th of 23 Words I Hung In The Trees

Today’s poem links to the last poem I shared because it too reflects on the collaboration I did with choreographer Mhairi Allan. It focus on how we worked together, sharing ideas whilst also respecting eachother’s contribution individually. It was also important to work slowly and particularly so that no important thought or idea was missed or lost. This resulted in a nurturing experience for us and a body of work that resonated deeply with those that took part.


We take our time

threading thoughts,

placing them particularly

so as not to impose

on the ends

of the others.

We gift one wonder at a time

into upturned palms

to roll around,

deciphering pleasures

before selecting another

in return.

We compose a sequence

then invite others

 to trace the shapes  

of our choosing,

loose and yielding,

sparkling with intent.

It isn’t lost on me that this word is an all important factor in our current health crisis. Together we are able to achieve all sorts of victories that we can not achieve alone. This was what I learned most during the Flourish project – that coming together with others created an energy impossible to generate individually. It also expanded my practice hugely. Ultimately, the collaboration produced something richer in output and reach. Creativity built upon creativity and the joy that resulted impacted positively on the wellbeing of all.

Image and poem Copyright Elaine Reid 2020

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