Wild Words Workshop Series

The four-week long Wild Words series of workshops ran twice over the summer months of 2017.

Workshops were designed to help people take notice of their environment, in the moment, and to write in response using predominantly the free writing technique.  This type of writing is for the self rather than an audience and enables an adventuring into thoughts and feelings.  A supportive group approach was employed to encourage play and experimentation and to build trust for the sharing of the writing produced.

One workshop also focussed on the haiku poetry form which aims to capture a snap shot of our experience of being in nature in three lines of seventeen syllables.

This is some of the feedback from participants:

“I feel a confidence that has increased my general happiness… Owning this power is liberating and life affirming.”

 “The workshops are a great way of allowing you to focus on your feelings.  It’s surprising what emerges.”

 “There’s something very special about being out in nature, it helps to quiet the mind when exploring new things.”

Click here to listen to the group poem ‘The Wild Garden’ written by Ruth Emslie, Joan MacMaster, Mary Malcolm, Sheila Moir, Olga Moroni, Cheryl Paul, Gemma Price, myself, Jan Simpson and Kelvin Tonner during the Wild Words workshop series. 

Sound Cloud Recording of ‘The Wild Garden