Labyrinth Walks

As part of the Banchory River Festival in June 2017, I created a labyrinth for the community to explore with the help of fellow facilitator, Janis Wemyss.  We took the morning to lay 200 metres of rope to create a 42-foot classical 7-circuit labyrinth.  It was then open to the public for the afternoon.

I also led a workshop combining the technique of Free Writing with labyrinth walking using my 24-foot canvas labyrinth indoors at The Barn in October 2017.  This enabled participants to delve deeper into their feelings and to capture their thoughts through the process of poetry writing.


“The writing part co-joined with the actual walk of ‘the rounds’ has had a big impact on me and in some way – that I cannot quite comprehend yet – I have been changed by it.”

– Labyrinth participant.