Finding a place for my lost exhibition

Ok – so the content of my exhibition wasn’t lost (thank goodness), but the opportunity to show it was.  It was designed around the venue (Phoenix Hall in Newton Dee, Aberdeen) where it was to be shown and this then alters the possibilities of how it can be shown in an alternative venue. Essentially it has to become a different type of exhibition.  

Writing To The Self – Image Copyright Elaine Reid

My last blog entry in June 2020 (I know – it’s been quite some time!) talked about my exhibition Love Letters From The Labyrinth being postponed. I had hoped that it would happen this year but with the continuing issues of the pandemic and the complicated medical needs of the residents of Newton Dee they have quite rightly decided to keep their doors shut to the public.

There have been times when I’ve wondered if my exhibition would ever be shown and I was unsure as to where might be a suitable alternative venue.  Today I am glad to announce that a portion of it, the paintings that formed the newest part of my work, are going to be exhibited as part of NEOS:  the North East Open Studios event taking place from 11th – 19th September this year.  Previously I have taken part in NEOS with a group of artists at the same venue that my exhibition was due to be shown in.  But with this no longer an option I needed to find somewhere new.

So this year I will be exhibiting with my friend and fellow artist, Val Thomson from her home in Aberdeen city.  I am so grateful that Val was happy to open her home for this event and for inviting me in to take part with her.  It’s a nice creative challenge to work out how to exhibit in a new space and Val and I have lots of ideas on how to fill her home with our paintings.

The next five weeks are going to be very busy getting prepared and sending out info and tasters of what’s to come.  I’ll be blogging a bit more often, sharing sneak peaks on Facebook (elaine.reid.5011) and Instragram (@elainereidwriting) and providing lots of information about when we’re open and how to come and see us safely.

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