Labyrinth Walks

The Labyrinth

These sacred symbols hold a wealth of potential for both wellbeing and creativity.  A walk in a labyrinth can help us to rejuvenate our sense of wellbeing by providing a safe space in which to slow down and simply be.

This ancient symbol has been in use for over 4,000 years although nobody knows for sure where they first appeared in the world or why. This enigmatic quality therefore allows us to relate to the labyrinth in a way that is appropriate for us – making them perfectly suited to wellbeing work.

Labyrinths are such effective tools because they offer the opportunity to take time to yourself, to go inward, to meditate, reflect, problem solve or simply be. They can also be used for celebration, dancing, play – the list goes on and on.

Details of future labyrinth walks will be published here and on my workshop page in due course.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss the possibility of hosting a labyrinth walk please contact me by e-mail at:

2 thoughts on “Labyrinth Walks

  1. Hi Elaine

    I just discovered you through NEOS booklet. I am so interested in your view on Labyrinths. I would love to take part in walking one so please get in touch.


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