Elaine Reid Writing

I am a Poetry Therapy Practitioner working in Aberdeen city and shire.  I am also a writer and an artist.

It is my wholehearted belief that everyone is creative.  I also believe that engaging in creative activities greatly enhances our sense of wellbeing.  As a result, I design my workshops to enable you to explore your creativity in a way that supports your sense of wellbeing.

I use the technique of Free Writing (also referred to as Stream of Consciousness Writing) to help you adventure into your thoughts and feelings.

Sharing your own story, and witnessing the stories of others, is a key element of my workshops.

In addition to being an opportunity for you to slow down, my workshops encourage you to play and experiment with words and how you use them to communicate with others.

In order to provide a safe and supportive learning environment, I uphold a ‘no criticism’ policy. This applies to self-criticism as well as to criticism of others in the group.

Workshops are suitable for all, with no previous writing experience necessary.