This is one of the first poems I wrote about what writing means to me, and what I hope to find by putting pen to paper.


Hope is a room

lined with books

every spine a treasured secret,

a promise, a maybe.

I am looking for words,

for language to teach me

about these feelings

inscribed inside.

I want a voice or an echo

to explain – to know,

to bring me back

to home.

2 thoughts on “Poems

  1. Hi Elaine, love this poem. Thanks once again for your Maggie’s workshop which has really helped me to develop my poetry. I am interested in the Corse retreat and wonder if you are able to email me when you have a firm date? Thanks again for inspiring me.

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    • Hi Joyce, thank you for leaving a message on my site. I will add your details to my mailing list and let you know about future dates. At present, I am looking for a new venue for the Retreat as Corse House is no longer available. I will let you know as soon as there is more information. In the meantime, enjoy your wonderful way with words and all your creations. Best wishes, Elaine


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