The 2nd of the 23 Words I Hung In The Trees

So here is the second photo and accompanying poem from my book, Temenos 23 that I want to share. Yesterday I started with the word ‘question’ so it makes sense to follow it with this one next!

You could use the photo as a springboard or the idea of questions and answers as a theme for a piece of free writing or stream of consciousness writing. Or you could take a photo of something on a walk of your own today and write in response to that.

This particular form of poetry is called a Haiku which is traditionally written in response to nature. I found it particularly useful when writing in the Wild Garden for capturing ‘snapshots’ of my experience of being there, in the moment. Re-reading it today, it struck me as being particularly pertinent regarding current events.

All 23 words were originally hung in the trees in the Wild Garden at The Barn, Banchory for the Flourish project. I chose each word for its links to nature or creativity or pure therapeutic merit. These were then used as a physical word search to encourage people to explore the garden in its entirety and as inspiration for creative writing exercises.


spring blossom flutters,

birds call and answer –

earth’s trust holding on

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